If you are in Zagreb, we hope to see you for our Morning Coffee – Tuesday, August 8th .


Thank you ladies for joining us for our July Morning Coffee .




We are proud to provide our members with a wide  variety of activities .If you are interested in any of our activities, please contact

If you have an interest and would like to find other like minded club members to start a new activity, please reach out to us. We always welcome new ideas, skills, expertise and engagement for the members. We will support you to get the group up and running and to communicate the information.


BOOK CLUB                      IMG_8529

Our bookclub takes place at Amadria Park Hotel, anyone  wishing to join the group is very welcome and can do so by emailing: Johanna at or WhatsApp +35699432821



Those interested in natural ways to help themselves and their families to stay strong and healthy as well as to effectively support their health during minor acute ailments and injuries will find exploring this basic course in homeopathy quite a discovery and a treat.

Homeopathy is a 225+ years old system of holistic medicine, that is successfully practiced all over the world and is the fastest growing Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) modality. Homeopathic remedies are FDA approved and safe for children, adults and the elderly.

All workshops are  free and will be held at the Amadria Park Hotel, Jurišićeva Ulica 22, Zagreb 10000, in the Amadria club room (basement) or ONLINE via IWCZ Google Meet platform once a month from 10-12h.  

Please register at, phone +385 97 6979989



Join our new member Ralitsa Taton for a coffee chat in German language. 

When: Mondays (2x a month), 10:30-12:30

To join the group you need to be registered member of IWCZ. To register please go to or send an email to


SPANISH CONVERSATION GROUP  f5deee58-1f89-4848-bac8-5291407c82f6 3a5a3b60-8583-4ce4-9be9-92561dfab16d e6d80934-7e8e-4eed-a68a-e191ddb4d64e

Join Elisa for a coffee and chat in Spanish, meetings will be held every second Wednesday, from 10:30-12:30! 

To join the group you need to be registered member of IWCZ. To register please go to or send an email to


ITALIAN CONVERSATION GROUP   e01c9d19-fd02-4bcf-960a-d0a867a79351

Join our Lucia for a lively chat  in Italian.  Do you have small children and would like them to come along, no problem – bring them along, they are more than welcome also. 



Parlez vous francais? If so, please join our Zaya for her remarkable conversation group. You will feel as if you are in Paris instead of Zagreb.


CROATIAN LANGUAGE GROUP   048e408a-d78b-485d-976c-83dd809f7309  f3784e3f-1603-4f1d-afce-66e557bad1cc

Croatian conversation group every Wednesday at 11.00

Learn to converse in Croatian in a relaxed and wonderful environment with Ina.  For more information, please contact Ina at


HIKING GROUP   8c4db43c-200c-4e2b-ac3f-f343b1c7e2be fe6db68d-6fe2-44b3-aac0-8cef23ee1da1

Are you ready to explore the beautiful mountain Sljeme? Join us on Wednesdays at 09:00 as we hike from Lagvić to Kraljičin Zdenac.  This is about a 90 minute hike.



Every Monday at 4pm, 9 hole Where: Riverside Golf club Price : 40 % off Green fee, possibility to rent clubs Contact: Gordana Popovic Vincic at 0911233346 For ladies that already play golf.



MahJong is a game where four persons (can be three) per table and each is a Wind and puts the tiles (min 14) together in different combinations. We use books or tablets as help and it is very easy to learn. We are not competing but having fun enjoying ourselves. Please contact Lili if you are interested in joining .


KIDS CLUB    fdffe6ba-a6c8-4959-ae7f-6d3b57ec4217 2466b136-d278-4e41-84b5-90eb25f9327a 684d7630-bf55-497e-b5a0-e17cda97b988

If you have school age kids who are free on weekends and would like to make new friends and memories, then this  group was created especially for them, our kids club coordinator will be happy to welcome from you and your little one.

Please contact  for more information.


TODDLER AND YOUNG CHILDREN PLAY GROUP    96fbf99f-1d68-4e1e-938c-cc57362723e8 0f3086d1-11d2-4c6f-8061-dc0f77b397a1 c96c11e7-5644-4f8f-a464-49c0c618d939

Join Mama Olja for an interactive play group on Fridays from 10 am – 12 pm.   For more information please contact Olja at