Open Door

We are happy to announce the IWCZ has joined the Open Door Associations of International Women.

Open Door is a network of International Women's Associations which are non-political, non-religious, non-commercial and where membership is open to all nationalities to offer inter-club contact and communication.

The main objectives of Open Door are to:

  1. provide an immediate point of contact for a member from an affiliated Association moving to or visiting a town or city where a 'Sister Club' exists
  2. grant guest status at a monthly meeting to meet groups of expatriate and like-minded women
  3. help and advise new Associations and provide help and support to Clubs where needed

As more and more women are moving to foreign countries, the immediate contact with women provided through International Women's Clubs "opening their doors to each other" makes this transition more enjoyable. In addition, the network enables the forming of new friendships which can be an exciting and stimulating experience. And for these reasons this inter-club network is greatly valued.

Today there are more than eighty International Women's Associations in forty countries which "open their doors to each other." And now IWCZ is part of this network.

For more information, and to view a list of Sister Clubs, see the website, or contact our IWCZ Open Door Coordinator Jenner Peršut at