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logo_smallThe International Women’s Club Zagreb was established in 1993 with the aim of creating a social network for international women living in the city. We are a vibrant and multicultural club, and offer expats, international business women or accompanying spouses the opportunity to connect, network and socialize. The Club is a non-profit organization and is officially registered with the Croatian government as such.

At the end of the 2015-16 year we had over 220 members from over 50 nations. Croatians can form up to 25% of our membership. The Club organizes activities for members on a regular basis including charity events, workshops, cultural activities, day trips, art classes, visits to local businesses and organizations. Our members formed special interest groups (walking, language conversation, book club) as well as a Kids’ Club. During the club year (September-June) a General Meeting is held every second Tuesday of the month at the Sheraton Hotel, unveiling the month’s activities and offering a program with changing themes.

The IWCZ has a strong interest in making our members’ stay in Croatia a memorable and enriching experience. We share with members the rich cultural experiences Zagreb & Croatia have to offer, and give back to the community. Proceeds from activities, e.g. our popular international Christmas Bazaar, are donated to various charitable organizations throughout Croatia. Our members have raised over 4,5 million Kuna for charity in Croatia, over the past 22 years.

The IWCZ is managed by an Executive Board, chosen and appointed by its Members. The Executive Board has a mandate for a year starting in July and finishing in June. The language of communication for club and club related activities is English.

IWCZ activity 7 pics_light blue backgroundFind us at:

Suite 252, Sheraton Hotel,
Kneza Borne 2, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia

Contact us via:

Email:  info@iwcz.hr
Facebook:  Follow us on Facebook
Tel (mobile): (00385)  95 451-5268

The IWCZ office is staffed by Board members on Mondays beginning September 7, 2015 and ending June 15, 2016, every week except for holiday weeks. It is also open frequently throughout the week for club activities.

Office hours for 2016-2017
Mondays from 12:00 to 14:00

The IWCZ Executive Board manages all aspects of IWCZ functioning, membership, meetings, charity projects and events.

IWCZ Board Members 2016-2017

President Hafiza Richany
Vice President 1

Vice President 2

Karine Filipovic

Anat Yehuda

Treasurer Y-Fang Deo Van Heere
Membership Coordinators Roberta Montebelli
Seniz Berk
Charity Coordinator Jasenka Bohacek
Activity Coordinators Marina Raskaj

Gordana Rubcic

Newsletter Editor Viorica Matos
 Social Media Coordinator  Nikki Pavlina

IWCZ Coordinators 2016-2017

Christmas Bazaar Chair Suarna Ramadanovic and Johanna Parnis England

Thank you IWCZ Board and Coordinators 2014-2015!

President Heather McCrimmon
Vice President Barbara Lukač
Administrator, FB and Website Coordinator Elke Brumm
Treasurer Franziska Lange
Membership Assistants Ursula S. & Miriam F.
Charity Coordinator Tina Lee Odinsky-Zec
Activity Coordinator Milijenka Bolf Krklec
Activity Assistants Lili G.-M. & Killu O.
Newsletter Editor Giada Lentini

We would like to thank Activity Coordinator Romana Petrušić and Membership Coordinator Irina Klaric who left Croatia during the year for their great work! Hvala!

IWCZ Coordinators 2014-2015

Christmas Bazaar Chair Johanna Parnis England and Suarna Ramadanovic
 Kids’ Club Coordinator Gisella Palladino

Open Door Network logo

We are happy to announce the IWCZ has joined the Open Door Associations of International Women.

Open Door is a network of International Women’s Associations which are non-political, non-religious, non-commercial and where membership is open to all nationalities to offer inter-club contact and communication.

The main objectives of Open Door are to:

  1. provide an immediate point of contact for a member from an affiliated Association moving to or visiting a town or city where a ‘Sister Club’ exists
  2. grant guest status at a monthly meeting to meet groups of expatriate and like-minded women
  3. help and advise new Associations and provide help and support to Clubs where needed

As more and more women are moving to foreign countries, the immediate contact with women provided through International Women’s Clubs “opening their doors to each other” makes this transition more enjoyable.  In addition, the network enables the forming of new friendships which can be an exciting and stimulating experience.  And for these reasons this inter-club network is greatly valued.

Today there are more than eighty International Women’s Associations in forty countries which “open their doors to each other.” And now IWCZ is part of this network.

For more information, and to view a list of Sister Clubs, see the website www.opendoorworldwide.com, or contact our IWCZ Open Door Coordinator  Anat Yehuda  : vicepresident2@iwcz.hr

IWCZ Newsletter Example  (Dec 2014) Dec 2014 NL - no member contact data

Newsletter advertising rates 2015-16
You want to reach our international members? You can advertise in our newsletter (Sept-June)! Content & ad submission is due the first of the month. Payment proof needs to be received the 3rd of the month. Have questions? Contact Iriana via newsletter@iwcz.hr!

IWCZ Statute (June 2014)

IWCZ Annual Report (2014-15)